For Providers

The Perfect Solution for Providers Delivering Employment Supports

Partner with us to achieve better Work Readiness outcomes for your Participants.

As a Becoming a Worker Provider your service will enjoy a range of benefits such as:


Ensuring Your Employment Supports Service Remains a Leader in Your Community

We know the NDIS, TTW and employment supports market is highly competitive, and Participants can be quite mobile. To remain in the top group of Employment Providers in your community your program needs to be leading edge. Becoming a Worker provides this advantage. We utilize the latest LMS technology to deliver the course and continually update content to ensure it remains fresh and reflective of contemporary demands in the workplace.


Providing Continuity of Service to Your Participants

Becoming a Worker can be delivered remotely or face to face, ensuring Participants have access to their learning at any time. This makes it highly suitable for Participants with mobility issues, those who do not wish to or are unable to attend a “training room setting” and Participants who would rather self-pace and self-direct their learning. This is an important step towards ensuring a “no gaps” approach to all employments supports delivery and ensures Participants don’t miss extended periods of service and support. It also decreases the risk of Participants becoming disengaged and ensures more complete their full employment programs.


Increasing Operational Efficiency

Imagine providing a comprehensive training package that could be delivered by an employment consultant or a support worker! No printing multiple workbooks or activity sheets. Gone is the outdated training room with a trainer at the front of the room delivering a steady stream of information to a group that may or may not be engaged. How many times have you heard participants complain that their training feels like school?

Becoming a Worker students take charge of their learning and work through their learning modules individually, accessing the assistance of the trainer when needed. Your trainer may be sourcing work experience, contacting employers or addressing individual needs, not delivering content while trying to meet SLES and employment requirements. This makes for much better use of the trainer’s time and resources.


Easy Monitoring & Reporting

No more students getting left behind or lost in the system!

We know disability and so we know that some people may find some activities difficult. With Becoming a Worker trainers can easily check the progress of individuals as they move through the modules. Participants cannot move through the stages without having first completed the previous modules. A Participant’s inability to move beyond a certain module will flag the trainer to take action to address any gaps or difficulties. Just think of how easy it will be to communicate a Participant’s progress to their parents, carer’s and networks as well as ensuring all work readiness compliance requirements are met.


Minimising Program Development Time & Expense

Becoming a Worker contains educational content, interactive activities, assessments, and real time acknowledgement of progress without the need for additional specialist staff and NDIS learning materials.

No more lesson planning or staff requiring allocated admin and planning days. This is a walk-in walk-out training package.


Keeping Participants Engaged

To keep Participants interested and wanting to learn more we have prepared modules that are comprehensive and easy to understand.

These modules have been trialed and tested on established SLES and employment groups and have been found to be a fun and exciting way for young people to access learning pathways.

After all learning can’t be all business!


Enabling Better Utilization of Training Support Staff

Becoming a Worker has been designed to be delivered without the need for large amounts of trainer support. As a result, training can be delivered to large cohorts while still meeting individual outcomes.

It is accessible for larger groups as well as small groups and individuals. We know the difficulties in delivering a training to a large group of Participants. Some will move through the content faster than others.

So, how do you keep those Participants engaged while supporting others working at a slower pace? You give them a self-paced interactive platform to learn on! Freeing up staff time for those Participants who need an extra bit of support.


Certificates Can Be Provided For Each Participant

We all need some encouragement sometimes!

And we all know that acknowledgement goes a long way to assisting motivation. Our Participants receive acknowledgement upon the completion of each module.

What a great way to create a fun and satisfying learning environment and give them something to be proud of!

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