For Participants

Do You Want To Enter The Workforce? Do You Need To Improve Your Confidence and Skills?

We think Becoming a Worker will assist you to gain the skills needed to be work ready. We help individuals across many paths reach their employment goals. Whether you are a School Leaver, a Transition to Work Participant (TtW), a Parents Next Participant (PN), a NDIS Participant, a Disability Employment Supports Participant (DES) Becoming as Worker can help you!

What is Becoming a Worker?

Becoming a Worker’ is a new online Learning Management System designed to teach, upskill and develop the capacity of individuals who want to find employment.

The course is split up into separate learning modules each covering a learning topic, e.g. managing work-life balance or attending a job interview.

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What Will You Get Out of The Program?

As you progress through all modules, you will learn and develop skills to increase your workplace capacity, confidence, ability and overall work-readiness.

Each Module contains a set of measurable and attainable outcomes/skills and once all are completed you may expect to be ready to enter the workforce because you have:

  • Hard and soft employment skills
  • Increased independence skills
  • Enhanced confidence
  • A better understanding of getting and keeping a job

Worried About Handling The Program?


We have been helping people become work ready since 1986. Throughout this time we have had the opportunity to gather and grow our knowledge around how to communicate, liaise with people transitioning into employment. We have had a chance to get it right and get it wrong, and it’s in these experiences that we have grown to be a success in the field of employment.

All our content has been trialled and tested with Employers and, with Participants who wanted to enter the workforce, and is continually updated. We are not afraid to change direction depending on where our research takes us. After all our course is not like the rest!

We know people learn at their own pace. You will navigate the course at a speed that suits you. You should complete the course with increased work readiness and a higher understanding of workplace expectations.

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